How Air Skates work

The air skates are connected with a hose manifold and supplied with compressed air. With the air turned on, the flow to each air skate is regulated to accommodate the load and floor conditions, allowing the load to be lifted clear of the floor.

A thin film of air can then escape from the periphery of a moulded diaphragm, creating a very small gap between it and the floor. This virtually eliminates friction, enabling the load to be moved with relatively little effort; a force of less than 5 kg can accelerate a 1000 kg load on air skates.

Sizes & Load Capacity

Available in a variety of sizes and capacities, a set of four air skates can carry anything from 2 to 60 tonnes working at a floor pressure of 1kg/cm2, and up to 240 tonnes working at higher floor pressures. Multiples of air skates can move thousands of tonnes.

Servicing & Maintenance

We understand reliability is key and critical to your businesses performance. So, we offer a servicing and maintenance service to check your everything is working just the way it should. For more information or to schedule a service, get in touch and our sales and technical teams will be more than happy to help.

Features and benefits:
  • Working load capacities of up to 100 tonnes and higher
  • Choice of skate modules – steel or aluminium
  • Move loads in restricted areas where forklifts/cranes cannot reach
  • Easy to set up with quick release couplings
  • Powered by a regular workshop air supply of 5 to 7 bar
  • Easy to use and cost effective
  • Low floor pressures
  • Modular capability giving ultimate versatility
  • Accurate and repeatable positioning with omni-directional capability
  • Low profile skate modules for ease of location underneath loads
Datasheets & Downloads
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