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Since its acquisition of Hovair Systems, Movetech UK has continued in-house design and manufacture of standard and bespoke air film movement solutions.

Fitting Hovair lightweight air bearings (LA Bearings) under your machine, heavy laboratory equipment, office machinery or even theatre seating, quickly facilitates access, maintenance, re-positioning or any other requirement.

Hovair tuggers operate from a normal workshop air supply with a minimum of 5.5 Bar (80 psi) pressure and are capable of moving, in standard form, up to 120 tonnes on air and 25 tonnes on wheels or rails. Available in a range of models to suit different applications and power requirements, Hovair tuggers are portable and easy to move between workstations using the rear trundle wheels, allowing them to be moved independently of the air supply. When used with air film equipment, all controls can be grouped at the tugger handlebar.

A thin film of air under the bearings ensures virtually frictionless and omni-directional movement, minimal effort by the operator and no damage to your floors. The LA series of air bearings is durable and efficient, featuring: rolled edge galvanized steel construction, built-in damping chamber and a tough urethane diaphragm. All products within this range are designed for permanent installation.

Best performance is obtained on a smooth sealed surface such as epoxy, floated concrete, vinyl, linoleum, etc. Air supply is from standard workshop compressed air, 5-6 bar (70-90 PSI), although air bottles and/or receivers can be used for short term operation where this is not available.

Hovair LA bearings are usually used in sets of four or six and can be bought as complete sets, including individual flow control valves, manifold kit and mains on/off valve.

A set of four LA14 bearings, for example, is rated at 2,400kg, and typically requires around 12kg force to move such a load. The manifold is usually supplied in kit form in order for you to cut the hose to the correct lengths for your load.

Optional accessories include remote control boxes with ‘dead-man’ on/off trigger and quick exhaust, LA spacer blocks, allowing the bearing to be mounted underneath a flat face without the air inlet being obstructed. There are also quick-release hoses and fittings for when speed of fitting is important.

Features and benefits

Hovair Lightweight Air Bearings offer the following features and benefits:

  • Working load capacities of up to 3.6 tonnes on just six bearings
  • Choice of size and capacity depending on your application
  • Move loads into restricted access areas where forklifts or cranes cannot reach
  • Easy to set up with optional quick release couplings
  • Powered by a regular workshop air supply of 5 to 7 bar
  • Easy to use and cost effective
  • No moving parts means low maintenance
  • Remote control or manually operated
  • Environmentally friendly – no grease, lubricants or exhaust emissions
  • Low floor pressures
  • Ideal for laboratory or clean room environments
  • Modular capability giving ultimate versatility
  • Accurate and repeatable positioning with omni-directional capability
  • Low profile for ease of location underneath loads

Hovair Lightweight Air Bearings offer the following features and benefits:

  • 250kg, 400kg or 600kg capacity bearings
  • Remote Control Units for quick, flexible and safe operation of bearings
  • Quick Release Couplings for quick set-up on non-permanent installations
  • Spacer blocks to allow LA Bearings to be placed fully under a flat surface without obstructing the air inlet
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