Simple and economic

Since its acquisition of Hovair Systems, Movetech UK has continued in-house design and manufacture of standard and bespoke air film movement solutions. Movetech UK offers a range of steerable air powered tuggers to move air film supported platforms or wheeled trailers with ease and in complete safety.

Designed for one-man operation, they offer a simple and economic method of motorising any number of air pallets or wheeled bogies.

Hovair air powered tuggers are currently used in a wide variety of industries including:

  • Aerospace – for moving components such as wings, fuselages, helicopter blades and aero-engines
  • Nuclear – for moving flasks, shielding and waste containers
  • Factories – for production line transportation, tooling relocation and product movement
  • Glass – for loading autoclaves, moving sheets and packs
  • Rail – for the refurbishment and production of coaches, light rail and trams
  • Offshore – in oil rig applications, cable drums and containers

Hovair tuggers operate from a normal workshop air supply with a minimum of 5.5 Bar (80 psi) pressure and are capable of moving, in standard form, up to 120 tonnes on air and 25 tonnes on wheels or rails.

Available in a range of models to suit different applications and power requirements, Hovair tuggers are portable and easy to move between workstations using the rear trundle wheels, allowing them to be moved independently of the air supply. When used with air film equipment, all controls can be grouped at the tugger handlebar.

Intrinsically safe characteristics

Pneumatically propelled and manually controlled, Hovair tuggers are ideal for use in areas that are unsuitable for electric or diesel powered units, such as hazardous or pollution control areas and offer:

  • Ease of use
  • Easy alignment
  • Intrinsically safe characteristics
  • Labour saving properties
  • High manoeuvrability with 180° of steering
  • Low maintenance costs – very few moving parts

Hovair steerable air powered tuggers feature:

  • Twist grip handlebar control for forward and reverse motion with variable speed
  • Robust attachment mechanism with swing down lock arms for positive docking
  • ‘Auto dock’ option where access is limited
  • Built-in water filter and oil reservoir to protect and lubricate air motor
  • Polyurethane drive wheel, with or without tread to suit application
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